Sharon and Shawn

"Love Evermore" album release concert. Photo by Javy Diaz. 

Sharon Sable and E. Shawn Qaissaunee create a beautiful soundscape that is both bold and understated, appealing to music lovers of all kinds.
The musical paths that have brought them together are rich and varied and weave elements of jazz, world, pop and much more into their memorable and engaging performances. They are both based in Wilmington, DE and are fixtures on the region’s Jazz music scene. Sharon, originally from Pomona, NJ, has worked with international pop recording artist’s such as Pink, Babyface and Boyz II Men. Shawn was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and has performed for Vice President Joe Biden alongside virtuoso violinist Xiang Gao. Together, they most recently had the honor to share the stage with legendary musical visionary Stevie Wonder at a performance in Philadelphia. 

“(Sharon Sable’s) voice is a gift… phraseology is pitch perfect… and her performance implores us to follow.”  - Delaware Today Magazine 

"Qaissaunee's ability to transcend the confines of a single style of music speaks volumes of his skills as an is immediately struck by the versatility and breadth of talent Qaissaunee possesses." -  Sheldon T. Nunn of